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The Division Day One Patch Available

  Fixes and improvements are available in Tom Clancy’s The Division Day One Patch. Due to feedback from the closed and open betas. The developers were able to pinpoint and create fixes to The Division before its official launch. Ubisoft has listed of all the changes, fixes and improvements in the game’s official website. “After the success of the Closed ... Read More »

Tame 5,000,000 Beasts In Far Cry Community Challenge

  Far Cry Primal’s first Community Challenge! Are you up for it? Ubisoft has got the players of Far Cry Primal working together a community in attempting the first ever Far Cry Primal Community Challenge. As you all know, one of Takkar’s abilities is taming beasts then can be used in battle as well as a sort of transprotation in ... Read More »

Reviews Are Now In For Far Cry Primal!

Far Cry Primal caused big waves in the gaming industry. Know what the critics of the gaming industry think about the game. Here is the tally of the good and the bad comments but there definitely is no ugly score. Site: The Escapist Reviewer: Marshall Lemon Rating: 4.5/5 Overall Comment: Far Cry Primal is the Stone Age survival game we never ... Read More »

Far Cry Primal Legend of the Mammoth | Get A Stompin’

You better get your stompin’ mood up with Far Cry Primal Legend of the Mammoth. When you pre-order Far Cry Primal, Legend of the Mammoth will come as a bonus! This will have three missions namely: Duel of Beasts, Hunt the Hunters and The Trapped Elder. You will play as a mammoth with the mission of helping free the mammoth ... Read More »

Schedule and Other Info for The Division Open Beta

The long awaited The Division Open Beta will finally be launched officially! It is finally here, the much anticipated The Division open beta! Ubisoft has finally revealed the schedule of the game’s open beta in a recent announcement posted in their official website. The best thing about this is that it is going to happen next week! Xbox One players ... Read More »

A Live-Action Time-Travel Video For Far Cry Primal

Watch this funny take on Far Cry Primal’s live-action, time-travel video. A man’s battle never ends! Ubisoft is giving us surprise after surprise. The most recent being the newest trailer for Far Cry Primal and it can be found in their official YouTube channel. The video features a sort of reverse time travel giving emphasis on man’s battles to survive. ... Read More »

Discover Far Cry Primal ‘s Story and Characters

Far Cry Primal, The story so far As the Ice Age melts away, revealing a bountiful land. Resources are abundant and nature is as fresh as it could be. Both man and animals strive to survive. One must prove his dominance over the other. Coming this March 1st you will have the chance to play another of Ubisoft’s masterpieces. But ... Read More »

A Great New Trailer for The Division

Last January 12, 2016 a new trailer for Tom Clancy’s The Division was leaked on-line. It was first seen from GameStop Italia’s YouTube channel. The video was later set on private, but with all the quick thinking netizens out there. The video got copied and was mirrored and re-uploaded. With all this going on, Ubisoft then decided to just simplu ... Read More »

A Single Player Only Experience for Far Cry Primal

No co-op gaming will be available for Far Cry Primal! The latest game from Ubisoft, Far Cry Primal is set in the Stone Age, where you will play as a pre-historic man trying to survive the most primitive of environments. You will have to craft weapons, hunt and gather resources to survive. Hence, the developers would want to stay true ... Read More »