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Need For Speed | PC Launch And Game Features

  Expect to have a stunning Need For Speed for PC as the developers made the game run on a higher frame rate as well as at a 4K resolution. This will definitely make your Need For Speed experience an unforgettable one. The Day One of the PC launch will have some icons as well as legends included. You can ... Read More »

Could Doom 4 Be The Best Looking Game of 2016

If you know Doom , you have witnessed the popularization of the FPS genre. No kidding, Doom was a house hold name back in the day, and it is making a comeback! Doom started in 1993, then came Doom 2: Hell on Earth in 1994, Doom 3 in 2004 and this year brings to us Doom 4, almost 23 years ... Read More »

Here’s What’s New on Hitman!

This coming March 11th is Hitman’s official launch date. It is just days away, so let us give you some new Hitman info while waiting! Game Modes There will be new game modes in Hitman that you will definitely like! Contract Mode– Well this is not new, it was introduced in Hitman Absolution and the developers decided to keep it. Here, ... Read More »

Get to Know XCOM 2 ‘s Features

Today is such an exciting day as XCOM 2 will come out today, February 5th. The game is developed by Firaxis Games and published by 2k Games. This the sequel to the blockbuster XCOM: Enemy Unknown. Let us give you a quick look on what you will encounter in XCOM 2. Story XCOM 2’s plot takes place after the events ... Read More »

4 Features That Will Make You Love Unravel

  Get to know Yarny and fall in love with the game Unravel. This simple yet stunning game is brought to you by Coldwood Interactive and EA Games. Unravel has been a recipient of over 20 awards from significant award giving bodies. Unravel is a simple side-scrolling game, but like no other. Let me give you four reasons why you ... Read More »

Bombshell Game Features and Story

Bombshell is set to be released this coming January 29, 2016 and it will be available for PC via Steam. The console versions will be out the first quarter of this year for Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Story: Play as Shelly Harrison as she seeks revenge for her fallen comrades and as well as for herself. Shelly was once ... Read More »

Journey Through Just Cause 3’s Vast Open World Map

  Get ready for a 400 square mile open-world map in Just Cause 3! Nathan Ditum and David Jackson from Playstation Access recently posted a video in YouTube where, using a helicopter, gives a tour of Just Cause 3’s open-world environment. If you remember the video post of Just Cause 3’s first hours of gameplay, well these are the same ... Read More »

Available Equipment for Star Wars Battlefront

EA has provided a list of equipment that is available in Star Wars Battlefront. You will definitely not be disappointed. 10 VEHICLES X-Wing A-Wing Snowspeeder TIE Fighter TIE Interceptor AT-AT AT-ST Speeder Bike Slave I Millennium Falcon 6 REBEL HEROES AND EMPIRE Luke Skywalker Darth Vader Emperor Palpatine Princess Leia Organa Han Solo Boba Fett 9 BLASTERS A280C CA-87 DH-17 ... Read More »