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Star Wars Battlefront| Launch of Outer Rim



Here comes Star Wars Battlefront ’s first paid DLC

Star Wars Battlefront’s first paid DLC named Outer Rim has been launched last March 22, 2016. This is the first DLC of the game that you would have to pay for.

Outer Rim is the first of four DLC’s that Star Wars Battlefront will be releasing throughout the year. The other three are Bespin expected by June to August; Death Star by September to November and the last one is unnamed yet but is expected to be out by the first quarter of 2017.

Purchasing Outer Rim will give you four new maps to explore as well as a new mode called Extraction. In this mode you would have to bring specific shipment to the extraction point. You must guard your shipment at all cost and make sure you deliver it to the extraction point unharmed. Also included in the DLC are Star Cards, new weapons and 2 new characters.

With the Outer Rim launch, a free update is also made available. The update will give a higher level cap, a new mode, new missions and so much more.

Curious on how Outer Rim plays out? Watch here!

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