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Need For Speed | PC Launch And Game Features



Expect to have a stunning Need For Speed for PC as the developers made the game run on a higher frame rate as well as at a 4K resolution. This will definitely make your Need For Speed experience an unforgettable one.

The Day One of the PC launch will have some icons as well as legends included. You can also expect the showcase update to be available after the game’s official launch.

The New Updates for Need For Speed

Manual Transmission– Having manual transmission in the game has been a fan request. The developers listened and is now available in the game.

Hot Rods– Two new Hot Rods will be available: The 1932 Hot Rod and the ‘Aaron Beck’ Beck Kustoms F132.

Drag Racing– Need to satisfy your speed fix? Choose from these drag events: Neck to neck, The Perfect Shifts, Drag the Town, Pedal to the Metal and Speed Tunnel.

The Warehouse– Get to have additional space for all your cars.

Wrap Edition– Improvements were made in this guide of coordinates that you can use to properly position decals. An introduction to Text Decals 2.0 with selectable fonts is also available.

Added animations in the wrap editor:

  • Animation indicating when a decal has been added to a vehicle
  • Improved animation to indicate more clearly the selected decal on a vehicle
  • Speed up info text animation when showing an action happening

Achievements and Trophies– You must win 5 drag racing events to get Drag Queen. Download a shared wrap for Wrap It Up. Buy your first Hot Rods to get Kustoms Kar.

Other Patch Notes Available:

  • A Virtual Warehouse where you can keep an additional 5 cars in your garage
  • Improved Snapshot overview screen in the Need for Speed Network menu so you can find out more about your snapshots
  • Improvements Snapshot Pro mode
  • Improvements to the wrap editor
  • 3 new Trophies and Achievements
  • More campaigns for Rep / Cash and Discounts
  • A variety of tweaks and improvements including game play, World and audio
  • Multiple stability fixes

Are you excited for the Need For Speed PC version? Well, we are! Share your thoughts with us in the comment below!


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