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Need For Speed | A Review Round Up



Need for Speed for PC has found itself in a mix of different reviews. We have a summary of the reviews for you below for easy reading. Enjoy!


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  • Reviewer: Hayden Dingman
  • Rating: 60/100

Overall Comment:

This is certainly the best Need for Speed PC port in years, but the game itself isn’t that great. Come for the racing, stay for the dumb live-action scenes.

  • *Unlocked frame rate.
  • *The use of steering wheels with the presence of manual gear shifting.
  • *Good graphics.
  • *Doesn’t have a good story.
  • *Full of live-action sequences of just fist bumping.
  • *The actors are awkward.
  • *Busted AI.
  • *”Rubberbanding” is a cause of boredom and frustration.
  • *Customization range is not equal.
  • *Cannot pause the game.
  • *Feels like a mediocre arcade racing game.


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  • Reviewer: –
  • Rating: –

Overall Comment:

Knowing how racing games can sometimes become over complicated during the course of years, that’s not the case with this latest NFS PC installment. The gameplay is pretty simple and fast paced, meaning you can upgrade your first car in only couple of hours of play and even purchase a second car and become invincible in the first ten hours of gameplay.

  • *Simple and fast paced.
  • *Has great design and quality races.
  • *Bad voice actors who uses phrases that makes no sense.
  • *No generic form for each race.
  • *No right way to upgrade cars.
  • *Has a not so great story line.
  • *The map feels small.
  • *Has pretty bad actors.


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  • Reviewer: Antonio Gila
  • Rating: 82/100

Overall Comment:

A direct conversion that takes the entire base of the game in its console versions, but it fits perfectly to the unique PC market. Thus, Need for Speed ​​PC is as good (or bad) as it was a few months ago, although it is a more complete version in terms of content and look significantly better if we have a fairly powerful computer. Furthermore removed from the sleeve a little trick, as the inclusion of flying, to finish looping the loop. It may not be the best driving game of all time, but we are facing the best available version of this title.

  • *Up to 4K compatibility.
  • *Has manual gear shifting.
  • *Has the ability to use flyers.
  • *Has poor performance and optimization.
  • *Cannot be played without being connected to the internet.


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  • Reviewer: David Mancini
  • Rating: 82/100

Overall Comment:

The reboot of the NFS series is a convincing arcade game, with an accessible yet pretty deep driving model. The PC version comes with all the additions released in the past few months (except the Photo Mode, coming soon), and it truly shines for its beauty: provided you have a decent machine, you’ll enjoy the best races ever seen on 4K screens. The support for the driving wheels is a nice touch, well implemented and appreciated, even in an arcade game like this one.

  • *Has introduced many innovations.
  • *The game has a strong personality as well as an aesthetic gameplay.
  • *An interesting game with very lively plays
  • *Much more advanced editing system as compared to its console counterpart.
  • *Great after sales support.
  • *Amazing 4K support.
  • *Has so much ‘bro-fists’ and unusual cut scenes that causes irritation.


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  • Reviewer: Andrea Centini
  • Rating: 80/100

Overall Comment:

A good game enriched thanks to the support of the steering wheels, the manual transmission and 60 frames per second.

  • Has the right atmosphere for the game.
  • With remarkable technical sector.
  • A pleasant and solid arcade gameplay.
  • Great support for the steering wheel with manual transmission.
  • “Rubber band effect” of the AI.
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