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Mirror’s Edge Catalyst | Get To Know The Districts and Factions



Welcome back Faith Connors in Mirror’s Edge Catalyst. Faith a highly skilled Runner will once again traverse the high rises of Glass City. Get to know the different districts that you will find in Glass as well as the Factions that can be found there.


Glass City such a clean and almost perfect city with all its shiny immaculate buildings. However, underneath all that perfection are the ruthless Conglomerate, the rulers of Glass city whose intentions are for personal gain only. An anti-conglomerate faction called the Black November has formed to oppose the rulers of Glass and Faith a neutral Runner is slowly being drawn to them.


You can find three districts in Glass. These are the Anchor District, the Downtown District and the View.

Anchor District


This is a very proud district as the powerful corporations are located in this area. It has tall buildings with clean lines. The most prestigious and well known nightclubs and shopping stores can be found here.

Downtown District


The heart and center of Glass. It has a modern artistic approach to the location. The busiest part of Glass that boasts a lot of beautiful sites as well as fashion boutiques.

The View


 If you would want to relax, go to the View. This is also known as the Ocean Glass View. This is a seaside location where you can commonly see families out on a picnic


There are three factions in Glass City. The Runners, the Conglomerate and the Black November.

The Runners

A voluntary group that doesn’t want anything to do with the Conglomerate. They mostly live in the rooftops. They do courier jobs for those who can afford their services. Courier services are more efficient through them as they can race through the rooftops leaping over beams and jumping from roof to roof. They sometimes do burglary on the side and even though nobody talks about it, the Corporate Houses relies heavily on them.



The Conglomerate

The most powerful families are a part of this. They are also known as the Corporate Houses of Cascadia. There are 13 corporations that are a part of the Conglomerate. Three of which are the KrugerSec- Cascadia’s security force, Elysium- the health care researchers, and the Silvine Systems- the tech specialists. All are trying to climb up the corporate hierarchy and will do anything to be on top.



Black November

A resistance movement lead by Rebecca Thane, a prominent protest leader. They are against the authorities and often try to terrorize them. Their methods are mostly violent.  To bring down the corporations they are planning to spark a revolution with its employees. The KrugerSec are always on the lookout for them.

black_november 1

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