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Hitman: Critic Review For Episode One



Hitman’s first episode was the talk of the town. We’ve found the top sites that game their valuable feedback about the game and a link of the review is also available. Hitman wasn’t able to impress much, as it had mixed reviews. Find out what the pros and cons are of the reviewers of the game.


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  • Reviewer: Andrei Dumitrescu
  • Rating: 90/100

Overall Comment:

 Hitman – Episode One is a great video game for fans of the series and offers the freedom that they have long requested from IO Interactive, with Agent 47 once again offered multiple ways and means to take out his targets.

  • *A lot of variety in the Paris mission.
  • *Amazing disguises.
  • *A lot of options to carry out an assassination.
  • *There are plenty of assists throughout the game.
  • *Great graphics.
  • *The crowds in the game are quite impressive.
  • *A combination of comedy and drama.
  • *Less conversations.
  • *Sometimes the character’s reactions are delayed.
  • *The launch could have opened with another big location to keep the players interested.


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  • Reviewer: Dominic Sheard
  • Rating: 80/100

Overall Comment:

Hitman has refined its gameplay, while having options that help newcomers, but should not upset existing fans, and as such, is a solid start that hopefully keeps getting better and upping the variety with each mission added.

  • *You come up with creative ways to kill your targets.
  • *Gives you a lot of opportunities in the game.
  • *Fun to replay the game.
  • *A new starting location upon playing the game again.
  • *Has lots of helpful mechanics, very good for beginners.
  • *The game’s structure works well for the episodic content it has.
  • *Less of a story to follow.
  • *You cannot rush through the game without thinking.
  • *Has limited content only.


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  • Reviewer: Joffy S
  • Rating: 80/100

Overall Comment:

The big question mark left dangling over Hitman is whether it deserves its episodic nature then. Put bluntly, it does. The additional time with each map gives everyone room to understand and digest the finer intricacies, while the special challenges keeps things entertaining and fresh. Elusive Targets meanwhile offer unique bonuses for killing them, but you only get one shot. These are neat additions, but there is an unshakeable feeling they have been included purely to justify Hitman being episodic. The fact the Elusive Targets can disappear after a matter of days makes it feels as if gamers are being punished if they don’t get in the door early.

  • *A complex map that gets you involved with the game.
  • *There are a lot of potential actions to do in the game.
  • *There are so much things in the background that you are able to use and is guided by “opportunities”.
  • *Encourages multiple playthroughs.
  • *The episodic nature of the game is a great idea.
  • *Amazing level design.
  • *Continued support.
  • *The mechanics has not changed much.
  • *First impression is utter confusion.
  • *The game can be finished in 1-2 hours (if you have no patience to replay the game).
  • *Doesn’t evolve as a series.


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  • Reviewer: Tim McDonald
  • Rating: 80/100

Overall Comment:

Destination one in Agent 47’s now-episodic global travelogue shows IO Interactive know how to get Hitman back in fashion. A strong, stylish opening to the new game.

  • *Contracts mode!
  • *Controlling Agent 47 like an actual human being.
  • *Many serious as well as absurd scenarios.
  • *Lot’s of entertaining ways to cause harm.
  • *No linear corridors.
  • *Amazing replayability.
  • *A large area to explore but everything in it has function.
  • *Specific opportunities only light up upon triggering other specific opportunities.
  • *A little trial and error in triggering opportunities.
  • *Fairly predictable AI.


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  • Reviewer: Phil Savage
  • Rating: 75/100

Overall Comment:

Despite being a smart progression of Blood Money’s ideas, Hitman feels unrefined and unfinished in lots of small but important ways.

  • *Huge sandbox with many opportunities.
  • *Kills can be done any way you like.
  • *The game’s indicators can be turned off.
  • *Great episodic format encourages replayability.
  • *The game’s difficulty depends upon the player.
  • *Full of smart ideas.
  • *It is a bit frustrating.
  • *Having a disguise does not mean you will have a free pass.
  • *Opportunities make the game so much easy.
  • *Only a snippets of a story.
  • *The game is a little buggy.
  • *Getting a drop in your internet connection causes you to get kicked out of the game.
  • *Lacks polish and basic options.
  • *The game feels unrefined and has full of compromises.


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  • Reviewer: Dustin Bailey
  • Rating: 75/100

Overall Comment:

If the prospect of slowly picking apart the mechanics of giant stealth sandboxes is exciting for you, then Hitman should provide a wonderful experience. But if you’re a one-and-done type of player, then you should look elsewhere.

  • *Slow paced game where you would need to observe a lot.
  • *The tutorial gives you a great idea on how to play the game.
  • *There are a lot of options for you to execute a kill in the game.
  • *Challenges encourage you to replay the level.
  • *You must replay the level for you to get your money’s worth of the game.
  • *Not good for people who would only want to just beat the game and is done with it.
Have you played Hitman’s Episode One? If so, how’d you like the game. Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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