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We are a team that offers daily contests and game key giveaways on the best and the hottest PC games. We are sponsored by, a price comparison engine for digitally downloaded games. We started on February of 2013 and since then, our community continues to increase by the day. Are we real? Well, you can ask any of those who’ve already won FREE CD keys from us. 😉


You can browse any of our giveaways from our Giveaway Listing page. To join, simply login using your Facebook, or your email address on the giveaway widget.
Once logged in, you will see a number of simple “tasks” you can complete to gain entries. These include: liking a page on Facebook, sending a tweet about the contest, or following an account on Twitter. The number of entries you gain vary from 1 to a maximum of 10, depending on what’s specified on the widget.

There are some entries that also require you to enter information such as your Facebook profile URL, your Twitter username, etc. These are used to validate your entries. If your name is selected by, but you didn’t complete any of those required actions (i.e., you didn’t paste your Facebook profile URL, etc), your entry becomes invalid.

You can join as many giveaways as you want! Awwyeah!
Winners are selected randomly by Our team checks the validity of entries before confirming the winner. Entries are considered valid if the instructions on the widget are followed (i.e., Facebook profile URL, Google Plus profile url, Twitter username, etc.). If a winner is selected by but the chosen entry does not contain any of the required information, we run the random selection again and cross-check the entry if it’s valid.
We announce winners through our Facebook page and our Twitter account. Winners are sent confirmation e-mails with instructions on how they can claim their prize. The confirmation e-mail may be sent within 24 hours, but if we have a large volume of e-mails to send, it may take up to 48 hours for our team to send the message.
We usually give away Region Free Standard Edition keys. We include information about the game (i.e. Deluxe Edition, Limited Edition, etc.) on its dedicated giveaway page.
You will receive it via email.
Winners are given 48 hours from the time the confirmation email was sent to respond. We will choose another winner if we do not receive a response within the 48 hour period.
Chill, man! Too excited? Your CD key will be sent to you as soon as we receive it from our supplier. It’s not sent immediately. Upon receipt of your response to the confirmation email we sent, we forward a request to our CD key supplier. This process may take up to 2 business days to complete, depending on the available stocks, game release date, or even the number of emails we have in our inbox. Relax. You will receive an e-mail once we’re ready to send the CD key to you. 🙂
Unfortunately we cannot do that as the games we’re giving away are sponsored.
Send us back the CD key via e-mail with a screenshot of the error message, and we’ll try our best to replace it at the soonest possible time. 🙂


Still have questions but can’t find the answers here? Send us a message, and we’ll try our best to get back to you as soon as we can. 🙂

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