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Far Cry Primal Bonus Content Wenja Pack Now Available



Far Cry Primal’s first bonus content, the Wenja Pack is out now.

The Wenja Pack for Far Cry Primal came out on March 22, as posted in their official blog site. You can get the Wenja pack if you have gotten the pre-order bonus package of the game, but if not, and you wanted to purchase it now, it will cost you $6.99.

The Wenja Pack includes 3 items: The Legend of the Mammoth, a Bone Shasti Club and 4 enhancement packs. The Legend of the Mammoth is where you play as one of the majestic mammoths in 3 missions namely The Duel of Beasts, Hunt the Hunters and The Trapped Elder, giving you additional hours of amazing gameplay. The Bone Shasti Club included in the Wenja Pack is a powerful club that came from Ull, the leader of Udan. It is a bloodstained club that is made of bone and teeth and it is unbreakable. Lastly, the four enhancement packs included are the sabertooth pack, owl pack, mammoth pack and bomb pack.

The Sabertooth Pack will change some of the sabertooth tigers in Oros to the Flame Fang Sabertooths and will give you access to animal hide for crafting. The Owl Pack is a skin enhancement for your owl companion, giving him dark stormy feathers, also in the pack is the Wenja Tribal Paint that will decorate Takkar’s arms and additional crafting materials will be made available as well. The Mammoth Pack will give some of the regular mammoths in Oros an ash back look, with this an endurance boosting recipe will also be available. The last pack, the Bomb Pack will provide you with 2 sting bombs to use.

Far Cry Primal is available for PC | XBOX ONE | PLAYSTATION 4

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