Wednesday , 13 December 2017
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Fallout 4 Automatron Add-on Now Available



Automatron, Fallout 4’s very first add-on is finally here.

This is robots, robots and more robots galore. Metal is everywhere when playing Automatron. Commonwealth is in trouble as a deranged robot leader named Mechanist has set forth lots and lots of his insane robot minions to wreak havoc in the city, among his minions is the sly and deceitful Robobrain.

They are just too many of them for you to handle. So once you have killed many of them salvage some of their parts and create for yourself your very own robot companion who will be loyal to you and can help you in battle. A custom made robot companion will help you towards your fight with Mechanist.

Of course you can modd your very own custom robot! If you have gathered enough resources like limbs, armor, weapons and abilities you can create one that is to your liking. You can even change its color scheme as well as assign its very own robot voice.

There will be absolutely amazing metal on metal battles in Automatron. Choose and assemble your robot companion wisely as there will be so many kick ass robot opponents out there.

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