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Enchantment Awaits With Divinity Original Sin Enhanced Edition!



Larian Studios has done it again! Another enchanting game play awaits with the Divinity Original Sin Enhanced Edition! Now available for Playstation 4 as well as in Xbox One since October 27th.

Who knew that a simple case of murder will lead you to an intricate adventure! You are a Source Hunter with limitless choices to customize appearances and skills of your character. As you level up you can also customize your character class to your liking. Customizations will only be limited by your imagination.


Explorer Mode – More of an I-Just-Want-To-Play-The-Game-For-The-Story type of player? This is a great mode for you as the combat part of the game will be easy breezy and you can concentrate on the story.

Classic Mode – The conventional way to play the game. Not very easy and not very hard, this will be just right from start to finish!

Tactician Mode – Combat your thing? Well let me introduce you to the Tactician Mode whare your enemies will be cunning and relentless! Watch your back!

Honour Mode – If the Tactician Mode is not enough for you and you are a wee bit suicidal. Prepare yourself for the Honour Mode, it is a Tactian Mode with a twist. You will only be given one, not two, but just one save game and as all the characters in your party dies, the saved game will automatically be erased.

So if you are a Classic or an Honour type of gamer we have all the Modes that can suite your specific taste.


Explore Rivellon’s huge and vibrant world alone or better yet with 2-4 friends! Seamless split screens are the key to a great co-operative experience. You can combat, explore and talk to your friend without hindering each others progress.  You can also finish quests much faster if you allocate the tasks. Disagreements may occur, but Divinity Original Sin Enhanced Edition has a solution to that! A simple rock, paper and scissors method! The game is as dynamic as your adventurer’s personality.


Get creative with new ways to fight! A reactive environment is added to the dynamic turn-based combat system which means you can now use your surroundings to create imaginative attacks! Your enemy standing in a puddle? Use an old fashioned lightning bolt to electrocute the whole squad. The combinations are endless, you just have to be imaginative!


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