Friday , 22 May 2015
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  I decided to create this blog to help fellow gamers know about ongoing raffles, contests and giveaways constantly going on around the web to win a free CD key and get games for free. There are a lot of CD key stores now, and every month, new stores are opening. Every time a store opens up, you can expect some giveaways from them to get more customers and fans. Thanks to our site, you can register easily to all existing giveaways to win a CD key without having to look for hours where the contest is and what the terms are. We’ve partnered with the CD key price comparison  website: There are over 50 CD key stores that are tested regularly and shown on the comparator to offer you the best price. Not only that, you are also safe when purchasing your PC digital edition games. They have the largest selection of digital products over the world for gamers, PC games of course, but even xbox 360 games, Microsoft points or xbox live subscriptions. RECENTLY ENDED CD KEY GIVEAWAY  


Our partner regularly offers us a free CD key which allows me to offer you one free CD key of your favorite PC game almost every day.

I wish you all the best of luck to win many PC games with!



  1. bf 4 +++1

  2. Thanks for giving one more chance to win BF4.

  3. I hope i win!

  4. Good luck everyone !

  5. good luck for everyone ♥

  6. Well,this is a sad and defeating day to me :_:

  7. Thanks for giving chance to win Payday 2. awesome game and most wanted

  8. i actualy like Free-cd-key gona try tro buy Diablo 3 key with points when i earn them
    cause i am unemployed and i cant aford it to buy one. This is my chance

  9. Ich hoffe dass ich gewinne :D

  10. Payday 2 r0xx! :)

  11. Now I earn points to get free wow game time. I have 200 points now. So 21000 to go. ;)

  12. Good luck everyone ♥

  13. yay…we won payday 2…
    – RPG – group won that is…:)

  14. Good luck everyone!!!!

  15. Congratulations to RPG group.

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  18. I hope I will win some points verry soon! I want to play wow again!!

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  26. Congratulations for winners payday 2 ;)

  27. Entries for Saints Row IV do not work for me. When i finish them they just reset, like i haven’t done any of them. Please help.

  28. You guys rock! Thanks for the giveaways! And for Payday 2! :)

  29. David Bartkiewicz

    Cheers for the Giveaways guys! Like, pretty fricking awesome :D Hope i win Saits Row IV ;)

  30. 460 points now 3540 to go

  31. is this real does people really win pc games?

  32. i win only the first time and i never win yet !!

  33. ;) like this

  34. Ty! :D

  35. Good Luck everyone !! ;)

  36. drasko stojadinvoic

    very nice competitions here :-)

  37. good luck everybody

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  40. Can you please add new games in the Reward Shop Please like Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood :o :D

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  46. Keep on winning…Me win…You win…All win…I WIN!! :)
    We want ‘em ALL…. ;P

  47. Good luck to all !!! Please let us pray for Battlefield 4 :)

  48. Sieglinde Festkochen

    GO GO GO…. BF4!!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!

  49. how ican win ?

  50. i love bf4 and i really want to win this game and thanks for this chance

  51. I Hope I win One Thing In My Life !! <3

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    And I participated in the competition

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  56. When this will end ?

  57. Good luck to all !!! Please let us pray for Battlefield 4

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  62. Will kill myself if I won Please Please

  63. Thank you so much for this amazing opportunity! cant wait to play and potentially blow up my pc from all the hardcore action to be taken place.

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  65. i hope that all of us can get a key
    good luck to all

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  69. Battelfield 4

  70. Can you please add new games in the Reward Shop Please like Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood

  71. please i need Assassins Creed black flag

  72. can you please add the xbox live gold

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  74. thank you for this giveaway , and good luck everybody :)

  75. I Hope I Win B Every Day I Will Earn This points
    Any way I hope i win Black Flag Too :D

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  93. Hey I didnt understand i finished Every thing and didnt even tell me how would i win anything !!

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  95. I will not win I know :(

  96. cod ghosts please……

  97. Still with all of the quality releases this year AC:BF is a contender for GotY

    Best of luck everyone!

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  99. Football manager 2014 :D

  100. NFS Rivals please :)

  101. BF4
    good luck all

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  104. what happend now to need for speed rivals ? i dont even see it ?

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  106. wishing on star , thnx for chance , good luck to all :}

  107. Good luck for everybody i would love to have BF4 on my Origin and play it :)

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    Nice work..!..:D

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